This neighborhood is characterized by a large number of higher education institutions, such as FER, Faculty of Philosophy, FSB, National and University Library, as well as the Lisinski Concert Hall and the Bus Station.

The neighborhood is located in the southern part of the city and is extremely easily accessible and well connected to the city center. It is a popular location for students, for rent and for purchase of apartments. Aside fromt the highly urbanized newly built areas such as Savica, Trnje also includes Vrbik, Martinovka, Cvjetno naselje, Kruge, Trnje and Sigečica.

Trnje has three key streets of Zagreb - Slavonska Avenue, Vukovar street and Marin Držić Avenue passing through it.

The popularity of the location is reflected in the price of real estate, ranging from 1,400 euros in Savica to 1,700 euros in Martinovka.