Why choose a real estate agent?

Selling real estate
Bonus nekretnine d.o.o. agency is a real estate broker in the process of selling your property. Contact us with confidence because our long experience guarantees that we will find the ideal buyer for your property.

Given that we understand how the sales of a real estate is very important in the life of each of us and can often be arduous and torturous, we are here to make this process easier for you. We offer our proven services in order to remove the burden off your back in the simplest, quickest and most efficient way.

Once you decide to sell, there will be our team of experts at your services to offer you the following:
  • consultancy on the formation of prices of your property;
  • photographing your property and preparation of the layout;
  • preparation of documents necessary for the sale of a property;
  • presentation of your property in the windows of our offices, on our website and on the leading portals for real estate sales in Croatia;
  • legal monitoring throughout the entire sales process.
Purchasing real estate
Mediation in buying property for us is a great pleasure and a challenge because you provide us with an opportunity to participate in a very important life stage, and that is finding and purchasing your ideal home.
Once you have decided to take this great step, our agents will carefully listen to your wishes and needs, and, accordingly, start with the realization of this very important life project as soon as possible.

For you, we will do the following:
  • prepare and send you an individualized offer in order to save your precious time and make a presentation of selected real estate in one of our branch offices;
  • in case you do not choose a property from our offer, and in accordance with your instructions, we will actively search for your desired property;
  • check the documentation of the desired property and familiarize you with all the legal obligations that you have as the buyer;
  • legally accompany you during the entire process and carry out the transfer of all utilities, as well as ownership rights to your esteemed name.
Buying real estate is a complex process that will be much easier with our mediation than it seems at first glance.
These are the main phases in the process of buying real estate:

Phase 1: Decision on the purchase

You have made a decision which will have a significant impact on your future, so the decision must be made carefully and steadily to avoid later regret. Therefore, one should not be hasty and thus make a misstep, but at the same time, it is also necessary to identify an appropriate solution on time and be resolute in its implementation.
It is necessary to make a framework for financial opportunities because emotions are often at odds with the real possibilities. Do you have the cash to buy real estate or do you intend to take a bank loan? In this process, you must review the existing obligations and financial capacity because we believe you do not want to commit to something you cannot finance.

Phase 2: Your wishes and needs

The most important thing when choosing your future home is for it to suit you and to fit your needs.
You need to determine where would you like to live, which city or neighborhood? Some like peace and quiet offered by the distance from the city center, while others prefer dynamic urban environment. For some, it is extremely important that they are near kindergartens, schools, health centers or shops, while others do not find it essential.
For some, the ideal life is in an apartment because of its ease and convenience, while others prefer a house and garden. For some, new building is essential, while others don't mind older buildings. When it comes to houses, it is important whether it is detached or not, as well as a lot of other details directing you towards your choice.

You must make the decision yourself because this is one of the most important decision you will makein your life.

Phase 3: You know what you want

You have harmonized your needs with financial capacities and you have selected the location which offers you everything you want from your future home. Now is the time for us to make you a list of properties that might suit you.
This is a very difficult phase since it is not easy to choose when there are numerous similar solutions. Give us your trust and save your precious time, we will narrow down the list to fewer properties in order to facilitate your choice.
We will visit the specified locations with you and point out details you might not notice.

Phase 4: You chose the real estate

This is the dream, this is the house! This is the place where you want to live because it will meet all your life needs, but before the celebration and euphoria there are many other details you need to check.
One should check all legal aspects related to the real estate, energy efficiency, ownership documents, quality of the installations, accesses, transport links and more.
It is also necessary to check the neighborly environment as the most beautiful place loses its beauty in bad company.

Phase 5: Creating an offer

It is necessary to be informed about all the details which affect the price of a real estate and offer as many arguments as possible which would be in favor of lowering the price.

Phase 6: Realization of the purchase

During the realization of the purchase it is necessary to make another check, in maximum detail, because nothing can be left to chance.
The purchase realization process:
  • Proposal of the preliminary contract and contract
  • Harmonization of the contract according to buyer and vendor
  • Suggestion of optimal realization
Phase 7: Financial transaction

When it comes to the financial realization of the purchase, the most important thing is to make a decision on the method of payment. Paying in cash is the simplest way to implement the transaction and all can be done in one day. Credit payment has a partially modified process. It is different if the property is paid for by a credit card in full or it is partially paid in cash.
In case of a partial payment in cash, first it is necessary to prepare a preliminary contract and pay a deposit, which usually amounts to 10% of the total price of the property, then it follows the creation of the contract, payment of the bank to the vendor and, at the end, a tabular statement and handover of the property.

If the transaction is entirely done by credit payment, first it is necessary to prepare a preliminary contract. After the loan approval by the bank, the contract is created and after the payment from the bank, there follows the tabular statement and handover of the property.

Phase 8: Signing
After the entire financial transaction is conducted, a tabular statement is signed and the handover of property is carried out.

Phase 9: Ownership registration

Phase 10: Moving into the new home

There is also

Rental/lease of real estate

In certain stages of life it is favorable to live in a rented apartment or house than to commit to one location for the rest of your life. We live in dynamic times where life and business opportunities often require us to change residence. In the western world people are less and less linked to a particular place and there is an increasing mobility of labor. Trend of real estate renting is not surprising but only a consequence of globalization.

Taking into account the increased mobility of labor, there is a greater demand for lease of apartments and houses, and we are ready to offer them to you at best prices. We have a diverse offer which will surely provide you with something for yourself.

We offer our experience in determining optimal prices of real estate in locations you are looking for. We will inform you about rental rates for properties similar to those of interest to you, because it is in our interest for you to find something for yourself as soon as possible.

We offer our clients the drawing up of a lease contract, and if necessary for the protection of the lessor and lessee, we recommend the solemnization at a notary public.

In addition, we will actively seek potential lessees because we like to make the extra effort since no one benefits from an empty real estate.