Assessment/opinion on the market value of real estate

As a first step in the process of selling your property,we recommend the preparation of an assessment, or an opinion about the market value of the property. In order for your real estate to be desirable and competitive in the market, it is necessary to form a market acceptable price in accordance with your needs.

To this end, we provide professional consultancy based on our many years of experience dealing with real estate. We have rich experience in conducting assessments and opinions of the value of different types of properties, from residential buildings such as private houses, apartments, studios, vacation properties and other, to commercial facilities such as office spaces used for service, counseling and other activities, commercial halls and warehouses, as well as in the preparation of assessments and opinions of the value of residential complexes and various land plots.

Also, we also offer the preparation of real estate valuation by our associates, court experts authorized for construction and real estate assessment.

Official assessment of property is essential if taking a housing loan for a property, or if there is a dispute over a particular property.