Financial and legal consultancy

They say that a good advice is worth its weight in gold. Don't worry, we give them out wisely and favorably.

There are many uncertainties and unknowns that we find in the sea of economic and legal terms and obligations related to the real estate business. During our many years of experience we went through a variety of situations and projects which enabled us to become familiar with the administration related to our profession. We will give you advice that will significantly facilitate the realization of your plans because we have solutions for many situations that may seem hopeless to you.
  • We offer counseling and support to investors in the implementation of different types of investments such as residential areas, apartment buildings, retirement homes, hotels, hostels and more.
  • We provide assistance in obtaining the necessary documents and perform all the technical and administrative tasks necessary for certain activities, and knowledge of the regulations and processes for obtaining all necessary permits and approvals is the best remedy for slow administration in order to accelerate the issuance of certain permits.
  • We assist the investors to bring each investment to realization as regulations and slow administration may encourage the investor to withdraw the investment. Therefore, expert and professional assistance is essential in the realization of a project.